I’m so glad I saw that

June 3, 2011

I went to Zellerbach to see the Royal Danish Ballet tonight.  I talked Bryan into going since it was buy one get one free tickets for staff.

The program sounded so very interesting… Nordic Modern Choreography: Thomas Lund and Nikolaj Hübbe: Bournonville Variations, set to music by Martin Åkerwall, from the Bournonville Classes· Jorma Elo: Lost on Slow, music by Antonio Vivaldi · Johan Kobbog: Alumnus, music by H. Wieniawski-Kreisler, Hans Christian Lumbye ·  Jorma Uotinen: Earth, music by Metallica and Apocalyptica

Music by Metallica… sign me up!  If only so that I can say that I’ve seen it.

Bryan is the perfect person to see ballet with.  We both look at the same things.  And out discussions between pieces were lively and fun.

My favorites were Alumnus which was in a word… ADORABLE!

And Earth… which has classical renditions of Metallica and Apocalyptica.  My one word description of this dance is VISCERAL.

I loved that there were two dances that used only men.  So often you only see groups of women dancing with one or two men.  I liked the variation.

It was a great evening and I’m so glad I saw that.



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