Sharing fun and fabulous things

June 8, 2011

I treated myself to an iced coffee this morning after moving a bunch of stuff out of my office in preparation of finally moving out of my old job.

When I ordered the lady behind the counter commented that she loved my necklace.  I showed her that it was just pretty paper that I hand inserted into the pendant and then told her how she could find one.

Because when you know about something / someplace cool, you should always try to share that information with others.

Then I actually got to take Catherine with me to Baubles and Beads at lunch time.  Can you say kid in a candy store?  I knew you could.  I might possibly have convinced her to take a class!

There’s joy in sharing your hobbies and the things you love / love to do and there’s joy in sharing the places that you’ve found and think are amazing…. and when you get right down to it there’s joy in sharing your joy.

At least that’s what I think.



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