Is it wrong to have a color theme?

June 9, 2011

I wear the same colors over and over.  The same shades of green and the same shades of purple.  Chocolate brown, black and dark gray.

I’m drawn to these colors in stores.  If I have options I will pick one of these colors.

When I see fabrics I gravitate towards the same colors every single time.  To the point where one of my sewing instructors will point out if there is a new purple fabric to see if I noticed it or picked up a piece of it yet.

This came to mind today because I was buying some fantastic rayon double-knit on sale and when I was checking out the sales lady asked me if I needed to get thread and I knew that I didn’t need thread.  I had these colors.

I tried to maybe get a different color but I only get as far as burgundy and navy blue.  I’d say I’m not adventurous but then how do you explain this fantastically insane green and white gingham that I picked up earlier in the week?

When push comes to shove I guess I just like what I like.  I could buy a different color of fabric, I could even make a dress… but that doesn’t mean I would wear it.

So I guess it’s better this way.  At least I stick to the things I like.

Now if I just had enough time to make more things instead of just prepping to make things.

I should take more vacation time.

Yeah… I should take more time off.



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