Keeping track of things you’d rather forget about

June 10, 2011

I am scared to death that I will forget about my up coming jury duty summons.

Scared in the way that you’re scared you’ll sleep through a final exam.

There’s no good reason for this.  Other than that I’ve had issues with my last two jury duty summons.  The first problem was that they called me in during my first vacation in eons.  Then on my recall they wanted me to trek out to some far away location that didn’t have solid public transportation options.

So now it’s in an accessible location and I’m freaked out I’ll forget about it.

I have it listed on three different calendars and I have the letter right in front of my computer.

Maybe it will work out fine.

Maybe I will be totally on top of this.

But then again maybe I won’t.

Oh well… no use worrying about it just yet.



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