if you want something done

June 13, 2011

I’ve been rethinking the way I carry things in my purse.  Looking at new wallets and the internal documents and cards.  Cataloging the things I carry and want to continue to carry… I’ve recently realized that while I want to continue carrying the same items I don’t think the way I carry them is the best option.

So I’m searching for different more effective wallets and I’ve started to toy with the idea of making myself the perfect padfolio for my calendar, cards, and notes.

Something like this…
but made my me… with my upholstery fabrics and with the exact kinds of pockets that I want / need.

I’m still working on how stiff i want it to be on its own and what to use to make it stand up by itself.

Oh and I need to figure out bindings and linings.

But I’m on to something … I know I am.



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