treasure box

June 21, 2011

I only just recently meet my Dad and Stepmama’s friend and housekeeper Sharon.  She came over while I was there a few months ago.  I thought she was really nice.  And she cleans things… I’m in awe of people who are good at that.  I can do it but not with any level of joy or real skill.

Anyway.  I meet Sharon and I liked her a lot.

Apparently she liked me too because she gave me a box of treasures.

Turns out she had a bunch of sewing things from her, her mother, maybe even a bunch of people.  And she wasn’t going to use them.  But she didn’t want to throw them away.  (Don’t I know that feeling.)

So when she found out that I was starting to sew clothing, she thought of me.  And gave the box to Nette to give to me.

Would you like to see what kind of treasures were handed to me just because?

Now as unbelievably awesome as all those things are… my very favorite things that I pulled from the box was this…

It’s a 20 inch, navy blue, separating zipper.  Which I need for a projects I was planning on starting as soon as I picked up a 20 inch, navy blue, separating zipper.

I love the universe and I love Sharon!



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