an evening spent listening to brilliant people

June 27, 2011

Tonight I stood in a long line to go into a church and up the stair and sit in the balcony to listen to Adam Savage interview Neil Gaiman.

My life does not suck.

There was a fabulously fun opening act – Zoe Boekbinder.  Her version of Single Ladies is hilarious, made even more-so by the audience participation she coerced out of the audience at First Congregational Church.

Listening to Neil talk just made me wish I could find a way to solidify the stories that seem to slip-slide around my mind, like wriggly ferrets that just don’t want to be caught.  I think I like the idea of writing but I’m not willing to put the work in.  Until I am willing to push and try and fail and get back up and go again then I can’t be a writer.  It’s not something that just happens.  You have to work at it.

I feel like I should do a moment by moment, quote my quote retelling but really what’s the point?  The moment happened and I experienced it and it was wonderful and I feel brighter and lighter.  I hope there are many things in your life that make you feel like that.

If not, you should try to find a few because it’s a wonderful feeling.

Here’s hoping that Neil does write American Gods 2 (because Shadow does need to say more), and Seven Sisters (because I DO want to read that), and another Dr Who (because he seemed to love his first episode so much) and that when he and Miss Amanda come to do an evening with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman they do it at Zellerbach.

Now this was a reading in celebration of American Gods’ 10th anniversary but it was not a signing.  Neil said there are just too many of us.  We’d be there until 3pm.  Which was fine, but I wasn’t going to buy another copy of the book to get his signature.  Then on the way home I thought… wait… didn’t I get that hardcover from Moe’s and wasn’t it signed from an event he did there?  When I got home I looked.  And it was signed.

All in all a magnificent evening.



One Response to “an evening spent listening to brilliant people”

  1. Clara Says:

    What a fantastic event! I hope to find a recording somewhere.

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