Couldn’t they have turned one inside out so I could see how it was made?

June 28, 2011

I said I’d talk about the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit that I saw on Saturday.  It’s closing at the DeYoung on the 4th and I hope it is packed until then.

Just a few little notes about what I noticed while I was wandering the exhibit.

Some tags had the original wearer / owner of the garment and that’s only right.  They do that with pictures – who donated it or how it was collected.  But the dresses had something extra on the information tags.  They noted the makers of the fabrics!  How amazing is that?  Fabrics at that level were so unique that they demanded recognition.

The dresses in the plastic boxes were fantastic because you would walk around them and see the full dress 360.  But me, being me, wanted someone to turn the dresses inside out so I could see the seams and the darts from the inside.  I want to know how they did that!!!  Especially the darts at the very center of the breast bone that looked like a cross that made the dresses fit like a glove and that no one else would ever be able to wear it as well.

Terry talked about the green, trapeze dress during the difficult fabrics class at Stone Mountain.  She talked about how the fact that there is only one seem at the back and because of that the nap of the fabric flips… it’s almost like a variegation in the color.  And I saw it.  I understood what she was saying.

The exhibit was full of magnificent dresses and suits and cloaks and history and the story of a fantastic designer that had skill and talent and vision… enough to leave a legacy.

I’m so glad I bought the book!



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