to opera or not to opera

June 30, 2011

Ally and I had a nice long discussion about opera tonight.

She can’t stand it… mostly because she likes / engages in realism and opera is kind of everything that realism isn’t.

I adore opera because of the set pieces and the emotion and the heartbreak and wonder that opera can inspire.

It doesn’t hurt that my parents took me to Barber of Seville when I was a child and I solved two of the riddle in Turandot when I was in high school and watching it on PBS.

She wants to try to get into opera and I recommended grabbing some dvds out of the library.  You shouldn’t try to get into it at live performances because that’s a costly way find out that no… you really do hate opera and always will.

But for me… I’m just excited that San Francisco Opera is performing Turandot this fall.  Maryellen says that the first session will be the best.

Opera… it’s what’s for dinner.



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