I got an email from the Bay Area Bead Extravaganza about an estate sale with lots of beads – Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

So I went early and… yeah – the line stretched down the block.

Well that’s what I discovered after I left the house because I approached from the side street and didn’t realize there was a line out front.  I walked in from the side entrance and no one said anything.  It was packed with people… and really I didn’t see the point.

The deals weren’t going to be worth the time and pushing to see the tiny little things piled high on tables was just too much of a hassle.  Cost / Benefit ratios being what they are.

I thought about getting an old bamboo parasol but I didn’t want to pay $8.  I offered $5 but the lady said that they sell for $40 at the flea market.  Yeah – fine.  Someone else can buy it.

That was that… I left thought the back again and rounded the corner to see the long line.

I hope they all think their time was worth the effort.

Part of me thinks that I would have waited in line just to know but another part of me knows I would have been pissed off with the lost time.

Next time I one of these emails I’m going to give it a pass and wait for the bead expo.




July 30, 2011

Want to see the super-cute illustration / business card I picked up over the weekend?  (of course you do)

I think this is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen.

And when I brought it into the office it inspired a fantastic conversation about yeti, bigfoot, loch ness monster and then dragons.  Jim told me that he recently read an article postulating that the legend of dragons actually began after sightings of meteor showers.  Doesn’t that make sense?


Years ago I signed up with The Good Cook Book Club.

I got a lot of cookbooks, some of which I have kept but a lot I’ve sold off or am planning on selling off.

But here I am seriously signing up again.  Do I need more cookbooks?  No.

Do I even really use the cookbooks I have?  No… mostly I use the internet for recipes.  But here I am putting books into my cart and seriously thinking about joining up again.

Where would I even end up putting them?  There is no more room in at the inn.

So I’m not going to do it.

Not today at least.


I gave blood today because I have problems saying no to Miss Arvaughn.  And bonus – it’s pint for a pint month which means you get a coupon for a free pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream.

There were all these new people at my regular location.  It was odd and a little unsettling since your really want to know and trust the people with the needles.  But it turns out that everyone is funny and witty and joyous.  Willing to both crack and take a joke.

I mean if you can’t laugh over needles and questions about how safe your blood is then what can you laugh at, right?

But whatever you do…. don’t start laughing when they are trying to take your blood pressure because it causes the numbers to jump something fierce.

Things I know now.


access denied

July 26, 2011

My card key didn’t work this morning.

I couldn’t get into the office.  I had to knock.  That’s a sign, isn’t it.

I mean at first I thought it was the door.  Possible, right?  I mean my card worked yesterday.

But no.  Everyone else had a working card key but not me.  Fine.  Be that way.

So I went to the key-masters and asked what the heck is going on?  And do you want to know what they said.  Oh yeah John revoked your access last night.  No idea why.  Was that a bad thing?

And really my first thought to that was great, can I just go home now?  If you don’t want me here I’m perfectly happy to go home.

Then I had to find the gate-keeper to submit my access request again.

As of 5pm I still didn’t have my access.

Question to the group… why am I bothering to go to work tomorrow if I’m not wanted by the building?


Park and Pond

July 25, 2011

Yesterday was a big day for me.

I delivered my first order to a retail store!!!!  Usually I only sell my bags via Etsy.

But through Etsy I meet the amazing Abbey and Jessica.  They wanted to buy bags… quite a few bags.  And I delivered the full order to the shop yesterday.

Isn’t Park and Pond a great name for a shop?  And the location is so perfect!  1422 Grant Avenue just off Green Street.  It’s the most wonderful little street of shops.

I can’t wait for the opening!  I can’t wait to see my bags hanging on a wall or sitting on a shelf.

It’s funny.  I kept telling myself that I should take pictures of the bags before I delivered them but I never did.  And then I handed them over and all I have are pictures of the fabric combination.  It took me a while but I finally realized that it’s okay that I don’t have pictures because the bags aren’t mine.  They belong to Park and Pond until they are all bought up.

I must admit that I am very, very excited about all of this.


a week of $10 words

July 23, 2011

As God is my witness I actually used the word pedagogy correctly in a sentence this week.  At work no less.

How flipping awesome is that?

Then in an email to a friend, I used the work extrapolate.

I read today that the internet is changing the way our brains work.  So that instead of remembering things we remember where we can find the information we want to know. 

So the fact that I remember these words and how to use them makes me very happy.

May my brain (and yours) stay active for may decades to come.