remember to say thank you

July 7, 2011

I went to the post office today just to see if it would be quick to pick up some packages.  I could wait a couple of days if the lines were too long.

But almost immediately a nice lady took my slips and asked for my box number.  I told her and she turned to go get the packages.  But I said thank you to her as she went.  I think I surprised her because she responded with a shocked, “you’re welcome.”

Why don’t more people say thank you?  Maybe show a little appreciate what other people do for you?

I’m not a big tipper when it comes to baristas and other such tip cups things but I try to at least show some solid, polite courteous.

Someone told me recently that they thought people just weren’t open enough to anything outside their own personal experience to be willing to acknowledge other people in the world.  It’s might correspond to how people don’t look up from their feet when they walk around.

Who knows.

All I can say is that I get better service when I’m polite.  And it might just make the other person feel better, too.

So … give it a shot and say thank you.




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