Car grille as art?

July 9, 2011

I spent the first part of my morning making another double strand tied necklace.  Then I went out and got a fantastic cup of coffee from Philz.  After that I made my way to a lemonade stand I had been invited to, where I meet new people and had a very refreshing glass of homemade lemonade.  When that wound down I managed to get a great deal on an oatmeal cashmere zip-up hoodie / cardigan at an estate sale.

Finally after all that, I made my way to the monthly Clars auction.  I wasn’t really planning on getting anything, nothing really jumped out at me from the online section but this is what I do and if nothing else it makes a great ever-changing museum exhibit.  The special exhibit this month was… CARS.

There’s a special car auction coming up on Tuesday, July 12th.

Look at these grilles!

Everyone asked if I wanted to sit in the Bentley and the answer was always NO.  I do not want to know that I love sitting in a Bentley.  I don’t need to think …. oh yeah this is the most comfortable car.  I can go my whole life without thinking the only car I will every feel really good in is a Bentley.  So thanks but I’ll just keep looking at the pearls and paintings.  Thanks.

This is the wacky car of the auction for me.  Apparently there were only 18 of them made.  They were made by an American company and then sent to German to be tricked out.  I must say it looks cool.  So I hope it does well.

I have to say I don’t want a car.  I don’t need a car and I have no plans to buy a car.  It was hard enough convincing myself to get a Zipcar membership.  But I did like how pretty they were.  Like very big, very expensive sculpture.  I hope they all find good homes.

No the lots I was most interested in was a HUGE lot of alcohol in funky bottles that ended up going for more than I would pay to a good auction friend of mine… who might let me buy a few bottles off of him.

Life is very, very good.



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