I appreciate the thought but…

July 11, 2011

I bought something on eBay a few months ago.  I paid a reasonable price.  I received the package and that was that… I thought.

But then last week I got a package.

They shipped me another one.

No packing slip… just the same product from the same people.  So I waited until they were open and I called them up to ask what I should do.

Because I could have just kept it but I’m really not like that for the most part.  Or if I am… I’m trying to pretend that I’m better than that.

So I call and tell them what happened.  Then I get transferred to their eBay guy and tell my story again.  And he asks how much I paid.  I looked it up in my records and told him.

“eh…. keep it.  It would cost too much for you to send it back to us.  Just give it to someone.”



I didn’t need another one of these.  I guess I could put it on eBay myself.

That’s an idea.

What do you think?



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