Hipsters on Parade

July 15, 2011

subtitle: what $3 in the urban food jungle

I finally made it to the Remedy Coffee cafe at the Berkeley Art Museum today.  Only to be ignored by the people working there.  Both people who appeared to employees were too busy talking to their acquaintances to even say hello to Patti and me.  And when I asked what “pour over” coffee was, one of them replied in a snooty voice, DRIP!

Okay – I have no problem paying $3 for a good cup of coffee but if you’re going to be obnoxious about it I will find somewhere else to get my caffeine fix.  It’s Berkeley for goodness sake.  It’s not like we are lacking in cafes.

This little sojourn into the new too cool for school food scene was off-set by the wonderful time I had at tonight’s Bites on BroadwayHannah of Cibo per Strada was there with her naughty doughnuts.  YUM!  She was sharing space with Tina Tamale which were unbelievably good.  And they were kind and grateful for the business and the compliments.

And as an added bonus… there was a CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!  How awesome is that?

I realized as I was walking home that the coffee I didn’t buy was $3, the tamale and the doughnut that I did get and loved each cost $3.  But there was such a difference in the feeling behind the food and the people providing it.

And whether you like it or not… that matters.  It could be the difference between your business thriving or failing.



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