You built a mine shaft WHERE?

July 18, 2011

Today I learned something new about my campus from the pictures that line the main hallway in Sproul.

I learned that in 1919 some brilliant minds in the Mining department decided to dig a tunnel down into the Hayward Fault line… on purpose… to learn things.

It’s called the Lawson Adit.

Now I’m all about learning things but let’s step back for a moment and revisit what happened.  A bunch of students dug a 900 foot tunnel into the ground next to their school building to get a closer look at the nearest fault line.

Brilliant I tell you… just brilliant.

It’s collapsed and boarded up now.  And I’m really thrilled that I learned about this.  But at the same time…. WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING???

I really hope they learned a LOT.



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