Teasing isn’t very nice

July 19, 2011

I got the Adjustment Bureau from Netflix tonight.

And I must admit… I REALLY liked it.

But then I like Philip K Dick and I even like the movies they make from his stories … despite the wholesale differences between the stories and the films.

That being said – something about this dvd pissed me off.

After watching the movie and thinking to myself… I should buy a copy of this.  I went to the special features section of the dvd to see what was there and there was a great set of special features.  Extended / deleted scenes, making of documentaries, and my personal favorite a director’s commentary.  Only not really.  Because this is a rental version of the movie and only contains the actual film.  You have to buy the dvd to get the special features.  At least that’s what the message that popped up when I selected the features on the dvd said.  And I understand, I really really do.  But putting them on the rental disk and then blocking them is kind of a crappy thing to do in my mind.

I’ll most likely still buy the disk… probably.


who knows



One Response to “Teasing isn’t very nice”

  1. vreeble Says:

    Same thing here. First time I’ve seen this. “RENTAL” is printed large on the disc label. I just called Netflix CS and was told it’s not some new policy, just whatever a given studio sends them. BAH! I guess our fate has been adjusted.

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