A Trick with Salt

July 22, 2011

Netflix has pretty much every episode of No Reservations available for steaming.

I just finished watching volume 8, episode 11 – the Techniques Special.  And shockingly, I learned something.

I can already make stew, roast a chicken, cook a steak, … I’ve never thought about making french fries so I never really learned to make them and as for omelettes… well I really prefer scrambled eggs and I’m VERY good at that.

But what I’d never thought about but that two different people in the special talked about is that when you are seasoning something with salt… pour the salt from way up high so that the flakes have a chance to separate and naturally spread out instead of clumping like they would if you pour too close to the thing you are salting.


It makes so much sense.

I’m glad I know that now.



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