access denied

July 26, 2011

My card key didn’t work this morning.

I couldn’t get into the office.  I had to knock.  That’s a sign, isn’t it.

I mean at first I thought it was the door.  Possible, right?  I mean my card worked yesterday.

But no.  Everyone else had a working card key but not me.  Fine.  Be that way.

So I went to the key-masters and asked what the heck is going on?  And do you want to know what they said.  Oh yeah John revoked your access last night.  No idea why.  Was that a bad thing?

And really my first thought to that was great, can I just go home now?  If you don’t want me here I’m perfectly happy to go home.

Then I had to find the gate-keeper to submit my access request again.

As of 5pm I still didn’t have my access.

Question to the group… why am I bothering to go to work tomorrow if I’m not wanted by the building?



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