bit not good

August 31, 2011

I was wandering around the building this afternoon and I watched Marcia carry some long pieces of wood out of her office.

I was bored and very intrigued… so I went to investigate.

Turns out it wasn’t actually wood.  It was fiber-board and not even good quality fiber-board.  These beautiful, real wood overhead cabinets had been held up by fiber-board that gave way during the night.

Let’s all have a moment to thank whatever deity you believe in that it happened at night and not when Marcia was at her desk, since the whole thing came sliding down the wall, complete with 100 lbs of cabinet and however may pounds of binders and books.

Gouged the desk but that’s pretty much all.

Now let’s have a little moment of serious, shall we?

I live in earthquake country.  Things need to be secure.  This could all end very badly.

And yes I’m very well aware of the hypocritical nature of that comment given the fact that my apartment is a landmine.

But do as I say and not as I do.  Bolt things down and be ready for the next earthquake.

just saying



I always thought that blue raspberry was a made up flavor.  The blue was so that you didn’t think you were getting cherry.  Or some other insane reason like that.

But then after getting a blue raspberry Frootie roll treat with my bill from lunch today I decided to look it up and you know what?

It’s real.  ish.

I don’t think that anything coming naturally from this plant is the electric / neon blue that things that are labeled blue raspberry.

But at least it’s a real plant-based entity.

Although I don’t think any plants were used to create any of the blue raspberry items I’ve ever ingested.


It’s happened to all of us… and it happens all the time.

There’s that person, in the office or in the neighborhood, that you see ALL THE TIME.  But you can not for the life of you remember their name.

What the heck are you supposed to do in that situation.  You are supposed to know their name.  You’ve been saying hi in the hall way for YEARS.

But there’s that possibility that they don’t know your name either.  It could go both ways.

We never think about that.  We just get stuck in that horrible feeling that we were supposed to remember and there’s nothing we can do.

Until someone we know greets them and then … hey presto!  There’s the name.

Wouldn’t it just be easier for all of us to wear name tags?

Just saying.


Okay – so the title is a warning for those of you who don’t actually know me.

Some days I seem nicer than others but there are more times than not that I’m just a straight up / out-and-out BITCH.

And now is one of those times.  Sorry – but this is my blog and that means you have to deal with the real me from time to time.

So there I was at jewelry making class.  I came with all my supplies and why yes I DID pre-stretch my silk cord.

There were three other women there and they were all prepared for the class with lots of beads and thread and other assorted supplies.

So that makes 4 of use and there were supposed to be 8 in the class.  One person was sick.. two others were just missing…  and then at 15 minutes after we were supposed to start this woman shows up.  Thankfully she was apologetic but then the instructor asked…. do you have all your supplies?  And the answer was … “well, no” with this look of “I think I knew I needed to bring supplies but I didn’t think it would be that serious.”

Okay – you can go buy them since we are in a store during working hours… not that big of a deal even if you are 15 minutes late.  Then the next question, “did you take pearl knotting?”  You know – the prerequisite course that must be completed before taking this one?  Deer in headlights version TWO!  This one said rather clearly, “you mean I was supposed to read the course listing before signing up?”

Pause… think to self – is she kidding me?  How does she expect to complete this project in three hours when she is not even close to being prepared?

Then it turns out that she has this necklace that she wants to re-string as her project and she then spent the next hour polishing the materials from the necklace before even starting to string anything.

Now I didn’t say anything because I am actually aware that it isn’t my place but now I’m at home and I can let the comment I have wanted to say all day out into the universe… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I must admit that even if this woman threw the instructor for a loop, it didn’t show.  And I can only speak for myself but I learned a lot from the class and I didn’t feel like this one person took over all the class time.

That being said… I really can’t understand what the heck that was all about.

How do you not pay attention to these things or once you realize that perhaps you are not prepared think to yourself… should I go see if I can postpone taking this class until I’m… oh I don’t know… PREPARED?

For the love of all that’s holy… may I never be that person.

I am well aware that I have some growing to do and sometimes massively lack common sense but I’m working on it.  But I never want to be so unaware that I’m not prepared for a well documented class that I paid for.

Tomorrow I’m going to meditate on common sense because today I have been shaken.


when circles collide

August 26, 2011

I was talking to James the other day and I asked about his prior jobs.

Low and behold… he worked with John Fisher on plays that I paid money to see…. I might have even been in the audience when James was playing the piano.

It truly is shocking when your historical / life circles collide in unexpected ways.

Although I was not thrilled to learn that I missed out on a John Fisher production of Boadicea at Mills College in 2002.  I probably would have loved that.

But as a bonus James might be willing to let me listen to the musical numbers from Christmas Panto.

Some days it’s a very good idea to get to know the history of the people you are friends with right now… they might connect back to you in a surprising way.

After all it is a very, VERY small world.


I swear I was a morning person.  I really was.  And let me tell you.  I am NOT a morning person anymore.

For years I was able to commute and be at my desk at 8am every single day.  Like clockwork.  I even managed to get to my job at a San Francisco office of a stock brokerage firm before the bell rang in New York.

Now I work 6 blocks from home and I can NOT get to my desk by 8am.

I don’t want to get up.  Maybe I’m going to sleep that much later.

What’s strange is that I’m perfectly fine by 9am but 8am on the dot?  Very much not my thing.

Should I fix this?  Is it time to get the alarm clock back out and set for 6am?

Who knows… maybe it’s time for a change.

Or maybe I should just let it go.  If my boss doesn’t care, why should I?

Yeah – I’m going to go with that.


Guilt on the Sidewalk

August 24, 2011

I found a 5 dollar bill on the sidewalk today.  It was in front of an auto dealership.

I looked around but I didn’t see anyone.  Even so, I still felt a little guilty taking the money.  And I really don’t know why.

Last time I found money on the sidewalk I immediately saw who dropped it.  So I picked it up, tapped the man on the shoulder and gave it back to him.

It’s only right.  Finders Keepers gets you some nasty karma.

That being said… finding money and not having someone to return it to shouldn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

I remember going yarn shopping with my mom and she said something while we were crossing the parking lot about never finding money on the street.  I looked down, picked up a quarter and handed it to her.

Once when I was really broke I found $30 in front of a bus stop.  I actually stood there with the money in my hand looking around to see who dropped it and finally someone noticed and said… you found it, it’s yours.

I don’t understand what it all means.  Most likely it doesn’t mean anything.

Maybe it’s a reminder to be worthy of pennies from heaven.

It’s an idea at least.