Dress codes

August 4, 2011

I remember right before I left my last retail gig… they decided that everyone needed to wear a collared shirt.  It would look more professional and that would help sales.

At the time they told me this, I was wearing a v-neck cashmere sweater and pearls.  I knew what I was talking about and didn’t have a problem making sales.

Somehow I didn’t think the collar was going to change things.  And I left before they could make me deal with their unofficial dress code.

Today Bernie gave me an interesting piece of dress code like advice I had never heard before.  “Dress Your Wage.”

I’m actually intrigued by this idea.  I’ve been working on my personal style for a while now and I think the concept of dressing not just for where you want to go but what level you want to achieve is helpful in a way.

Goal dressing is a good thing but it has to be in context.  You can’t dress at a level that you aren’t comfortable in because you will just look out-of-place in your own clothes and that’s not fun for anyone.

Thank goodness I watched all those episodes of What Not To Wear.



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