What I love about artisans

August 6, 2011

I was over in the 4th Street area today picking up some things I’ve ordered and getting some Weck jars because The Gardener actually had them in stock!

And while I was there I wandered over to the Libaire factory store.  Because I love my Libaire bag that I got at Nordstrom and use as my exclusive interview bag for big jobs.

It was a little busy with only one person holding down the fort with an adorable big yellow lab that didn’t seem to be offering much help.  But I hung out looking at the different styles and thinking about colors.  Then the owner came back.  And we talked and I decided to order exactly what I wanted.  And it will be made just for me in the next few weeks.

Which is AWESOME!  I get my big purse in plum leather with nickel fixtures.  But he seemed to need to assure me that it would not happen immediately because he sewing staff were all on vacation.  So I told him… I make bags myself, I understand.

That seemed to get his attention.  I showed him my bag and he liked it.  He asked about my fabrics and my machine.  He was really surprised that I was using a standard, household machine.  And a BabyLock to boot.

He asked me if I wanted to see his machines.  Of course I wanted to see the machines.  So the dog, the owner and his adorable daughter took me on a tour of the operation with special attention paid to the machines that I do not have.  Straight stitch machines from the 70’s.  Old and insanely strong walking feet machines that have no problem with leather.  His grommet presses make me SO jealous.

I got to see it all.

What a great experience.

Thank goodness for artisans.  They make the art of making things come alive and the best of them want to show you how they do things.



2 Responses to “What I love about artisans”

  1. clara Says:

    You got to see the machines!!!

    My only purse that isn’t More Pockets is a Libaire. This is probably not a coincidence. ^^

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