Interview Questions

August 8, 2011

My favorite sandwich shop near work is Cafe Panini behind Jupiter on Shattuck.

They have been interviewing people for a sandwich maker position.  And since I talk to pretty much EVERYONE that I interact with on a regular basis I have heard all the trials and tribulations of the interview process.  A lot of which revolves around what questions should you ask to really gauge the character of your candidate?

I did share my favorite bizarre interview question – “We will provide you with all the things you will need to do your job but if you could ask for one more item, what would it be?”

My answer was toaster oven.

But then today, as I was eating my tuna salad sandwich, I came up with a great way to decide if an interviewee would fit into your organization.

Tell them to bring a list of the ten songs they would add to the work day playlist.

If the songs fit into the group then you have found your person.

I don’t know if they could actually do the work or not but they would definitely fit the culture.

just saying



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