Help me understand… why two am?

August 11, 2011

There were a series of presentations today on student services and I noticed the same phrase being used over and over.  And it’s a phrase I’ve heard in other meetings.

Students do things on their own, on the computer at 2 am.

I’m not shocked about the concept of students logging in and checking grades or planning classes or using any number of student systems.  I even get that they do it at odd hours.  But every single time this concept is brought up the time they mention is two.  Why not midnight or 1 am?

According to Karen they actually get emails from students time stamped at 2 and that’s where it comes from.

But it still seems strange to me.  Maybe because I am immune to the zeitgeist of 2 am.

And I must say that I’m okay with missing out on this phenomena.



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