I’m telling you it’s a NEED not a want!

August 12, 2011

I’m totally blaming this on Julia Child and her fantastic PBS cooking show The French Chef.  There was a bread episode and she showed a Pain de Mie pan / Pullman pan and I suddenly felt that I HAD to have one.

My mom had one / might still have one but I try not to raid her cupboards that much because it makes me feel a little too Lara Croft for comfort.

So I need to find one of my own.  I checked Sur La Table but no joy and I never saw one at Williams Sonoma.  But I figured that if Rocket Restaurant Resource didn’t have one they would be able to get me one.  I didn’t want to order online because you can’t feel the weight and the materials… and with baking equipment that is extremely important.

So I today I went to Rocket and they had a Pullman loaf pan.  In fact they had only one left and it’s mine, MINE I tell you.Now … the question is… how long until I actually use the thing?



5 Responses to “I’m telling you it’s a NEED not a want!”

  1. jzgplj Says:

    So, did you use the Pullman Loaf Pan? How did it work? I’m looking at getting one myself.

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      I did use it and it worked very well. I did get a little tricky though. On the last rise I closed the lid but left it just a bit open and covered the end with plastic wrap so I could make sure it got almost to the edge and then I closed the lid and let if proof for another 15 minutes. That way I knew that it did the full rise up the pan.

  2. jzgplj Says:

    I ended up buying one, and on my 1st attempt at the bread, it overflowed the pan…the bread that was left was still very tasty though. I used the King Arthur Flour Pain De Mie recipe…I think i let it rise too much.Such are the joys of baking at high altitude:).Oh well, live and learn…thanks for the feedback on the pan!

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      You have to watch that stuff. It’s got a mind and a life of its own. But it’s good, right? I use a lot of butter in the pan and the bread gets this glossy, golden crust. Are you going to try to make it again?

      • jzgplj Says:

        I will be trying it again. I talked to the King Arthur flour people, and they suggested I do a 3rd rise to tame it 🙂
        Supposedly the longer the rise, the better the flavor. I will let you know how it turns out. I will say that the dough was so easy to work with, and the flavor was already wonderful, so here’s to hoping it only gets better! I have to tell you, I came across your blog when I was researching pullman pans, and just started reading, and I’ve really enjoyed what your writing.

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