Shameless Promotion!

August 18, 2011

Tonight Park and Pond had their Grand Opening Celebration.  And the store is ADORABLE!

LOOK – two of my bags are in the window display!  Another others are used as display in the store and then even more are hanging on hooks on the wall!

Excuse me while I SQUEE with delight!

My favorite thing in the store is the sign behind the register.  It’s a map of the Bay Area with all the cities labeled and a circle showing the 100 mile radius from San Francisco that covers the location of all the products in the store.  It looks great and totally showcases the store’s theme.

I bought me second and third favorite things.

By Nieves Cloud of Protection has the most refreshing scent, all eucalyptus, juniper and cedar.  All my favorite fragrances all rolled into a spray bottle.

Then there was the beautiful piece of art in the form of a card by Pie Bird Press

isn’t it beautiful?

I’m so happy for the ladies of Park and Pond.  If you’re in the North Beach area you should check it out!

Park and Pond
1422 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133



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