obsession with BBC historical programs

August 20, 2011

So, you know how YouTube has that list of recommended videos on the right hand side of the screen when you’re watching something?

Well, while I was watching Giles and Sue Live the Good Life I found out about Giles and Sue’s Royal Wedding which was a hoot…. but I also found out about Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm and then Victorian Pharmacy.

Apparently I can happily spend hours on end watching anthropologists attempting to live the farm life according to Victorian and Edwardian history complete with tools, clothing, housing etc.  And I can not express how fantastic it is to watch the inner workings of a Victorian pharmacy from the safe distance of my vaguely urban home.

The only issue I have is that I want more.  Where’s the Regency Farm show?  In 1987 the BBC did a Victorian Kitchen Garden show… let’s do THAT again.  There are so many periods that deserve to be remembered and I really like watching the past being brought back to life.

They are all on YouTube if you want to go find them.

But I think I might be the only one so enthralled by these things.



One Response to “obsession with BBC historical programs”

  1. Thanks for sharing these. I am a British History nut and I enjoyed every bit so far. I will keep a look out for more like this.

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