I’m glad I have it.

August 23, 2011

I have my college diploma.

It’s still in the manila envelope they put it in when I picked it up from the Records Department in Sproul Hall… way back in 1996.

I’ve never had it framed.  Never saw the point.  In fact, no one has ever asked to see it.  Although I did make a few photo copies of it and put them on my parents’ refrigerators.  Last school report and all that.

But today I learned a VERY interesting statistic.  A few years ago funding from the Alumni Association allowed for all undergraduate diplomas to be mailed out free of charge to graduates.  Before you had to pay to have it mailed to you, or you could pick it up for free.  And after 5 years it was destroyed if you didn’t pick it up.

The statistic I learned today was that before automatic mailing – 1/3 of people paid to have their diplomas mailed to them, 1/3 of people picked them up and a full 1/3 of graduating seniors never got their diploma.

Now it’s important to note that they don’t hand anything official out when you walk across the stage.  It’s a little frighteningly normal to “walk” when you still have another semester of work to do before you actually get your diploma.  And diplomas for those that did indeed graduate in Spring of this year will not be ready for mailing until September.

So there’s a time-lapse and I get that people have left for their real lives and aren’t going to hang around to pick up their diploma but I really can’t imagine paying all that money for tuition and fees and doing all that work and then not picking up the piece of paper.

Even if you’re like me and you never look at it again.

At least I have mine.  It’s around here somewhere… I think.



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