You might not know this but I’m not actually nice

August 27, 2011

Okay – so the title is a warning for those of you who don’t actually know me.

Some days I seem nicer than others but there are more times than not that I’m just a straight up / out-and-out BITCH.

And now is one of those times.  Sorry – but this is my blog and that means you have to deal with the real me from time to time.

So there I was at jewelry making class.  I came with all my supplies and why yes I DID pre-stretch my silk cord.

There were three other women there and they were all prepared for the class with lots of beads and thread and other assorted supplies.

So that makes 4 of use and there were supposed to be 8 in the class.  One person was sick.. two others were just missing…  and then at 15 minutes after we were supposed to start this woman shows up.  Thankfully she was apologetic but then the instructor asked…. do you have all your supplies?  And the answer was … “well, no” with this look of “I think I knew I needed to bring supplies but I didn’t think it would be that serious.”

Okay – you can go buy them since we are in a store during working hours… not that big of a deal even if you are 15 minutes late.  Then the next question, “did you take pearl knotting?”  You know – the prerequisite course that must be completed before taking this one?  Deer in headlights version TWO!  This one said rather clearly, “you mean I was supposed to read the course listing before signing up?”

Pause… think to self – is she kidding me?  How does she expect to complete this project in three hours when she is not even close to being prepared?

Then it turns out that she has this necklace that she wants to re-string as her project and she then spent the next hour polishing the materials from the necklace before even starting to string anything.

Now I didn’t say anything because I am actually aware that it isn’t my place but now I’m at home and I can let the comment I have wanted to say all day out into the universe… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I must admit that even if this woman threw the instructor for a loop, it didn’t show.  And I can only speak for myself but I learned a lot from the class and I didn’t feel like this one person took over all the class time.

That being said… I really can’t understand what the heck that was all about.

How do you not pay attention to these things or once you realize that perhaps you are not prepared think to yourself… should I go see if I can postpone taking this class until I’m… oh I don’t know… PREPARED?

For the love of all that’s holy… may I never be that person.

I am well aware that I have some growing to do and sometimes massively lack common sense but I’m working on it.  But I never want to be so unaware that I’m not prepared for a well documented class that I paid for.

Tomorrow I’m going to meditate on common sense because today I have been shaken.



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