Why aren’t subtitles accurate?

September 1, 2011

I’m guessing the issue with bad subtitles is that companies don’t think we can read fast enough to show all the words.

It’s one thing when you are reading the subtitles in English while watching in English … just so you catch all of the words.  And it makes things horrid when there are words missing.  Words that add emphasis that create a clearer sense of story.  There are people who only have the subtitles and they are being cheated.

Isn’t that wrong?

Then there are those movies that you watch in a foreign language that you know only a bit of… you know two years in high school and nothing since.  But you know enough to know that the subtitles are not even CLOSE to the words the actors are speaking.

It just gets silly when you have subtitles and dubbing and they don’t match.

The only time I’ve thought to myself, “these are flawless subtitles.”  And yes I really had that thought… was Pan’s LabyrinthGuillermo del Toro, the man who wrote and directed the film actually did the subtitles as well.  Of course everything matched.

Sorry – some days you just have to vent about your pet peeves.



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