like a phantom limb

September 3, 2011

I got a haircut today.  10 inches – a donation to Locks of Love.  Which means I now have very short hair.

I love my haircut.  Michelle at Barberella Beauty Salon is a genius and she really likes creating a great cut that grows out well.  Which is important given how fast my hair grows.

The funny thing about it is that I am experiencing some serious phantom limb type symptoms.

This afternoon I put on a cardigan and then swept my hands back to release my hair from the collar…  only to realize that my hair is three inches too short to get caught in any sweater short of a VERY tall turtleneck.

All told, I’ll get past it.  It’s going to take a while but I’ll move on.  I will use too much shampoo and conditioner for a while.  I will think my hair will get caught in things.  I will move my hand through my hair and be surprised when it shops short of my shoulders.

It’s a good hair cut.  People I don’t even know have told me it’s a great haircut.  And I think it suits me.

But I’ll probably think I have more hair than I really do for a while.  Can’t be helped.



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