The screaming needs to stop

September 3, 2011

Some girls are having a screaming / giggling party somewhere in this building or the next.

And it’s loud and annoying and I really want it to stop.

But there’s a bit of a problem with wanting to end them all… for one thing it’s illegal.  And for another it just doesn’t feel like being a good neighbor.  Just become they are being inconsiderate doesn’t mean that I should call the police on them and get them on a noise complaint.

I wonder about this all the time.  Where is the line on when you do something about a noisy party.  Is it a decibel level or a time thing?  Do you try to talk to them, call the manager or call the police.  Or do you just let it go because there is no reason to spoil their fun even if you are tired.  Everyone is young once.

It’s a complicated set of questions.  One I don’t really want to deal with right now.

Here’s hoping they all get tired and go to sleep.

Or that someone else calls the cops.

I’m going to try to sleep.



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