how to use a stamp

September 7, 2011

My right hand to GOD … today I watched a postal person explain how to use a STAMP to a college student.

Now let’s think about this… these days stamps are nothing more than stickers.  And this girl had no clue how to remove the stamp from the paper backing and place it on her envelope.

I get that we live in the time of electronic banking and communication via Facebook etc.  But are you kidding me?

This kid has never sent a thank you card to a relative?  Her parents / guardians didn’t think that knowing how to send a piece of actual mail might not be an important piece of information?

I’m scared to death of this.

I get that I have a lot of neo-Luddite tendencies… which is hysterical since I work on a database for a living and maintain a blog.  But there are some basic ideas that I think we have let slide a bit too far.  And not being able to send a piece of mail is just beyond the pale.

This is a stamp.

It goes in the upper right corner of the envelope.

The envelope goes in the blue box marked USPS.

Maybe this is why the post office is going broke.



One Response to “how to use a stamp”

  1. clara Says:

    I’ve heard of college students not knowing how to write a check, but… wow.

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