Don’t complain about the free candy

September 9, 2011

I have a coworker who buys bite sized candy bars for the office.  He likes that everyone comes and gets them.

He’s been gone for three weeks and I have a few observations to make.  One there are 2 people who eat this candy more than anyone else.  Fine.  It’s there to be eaten.  Not a problem.

But these guys are picky and they go after the “good” candy first and since it’s been three week they are complaining loudly and constantly that there are no Baby Ruths or Butterfingers.

If you do not like the candy then don’t eat it.  If you want specific candy buy it yourself.

Stop harping on the lack of your favorite candy bar.

You are grown men who have jobs.

It’s tiresome.

I have asked them to stop but since I’m not providing the candy, I do not have a say in the matter.


I’m going to the opera.



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