Planning next year’s vacation

September 13, 2011

I know I’m a planner.  My parents know I’m a planner.  My friends are well aware that I’m a planner… and after yesterday’s discussion on Christmas present planning in September, I think you all know I’m a planner too.

So it will come as no surprise that I have begun to plan a vacation that will take place in September of 2012.  I mean that’s not really so far away, is it?

And I really need to sift through all the documentation and determine which is the best Alaskan cruise to take.  Ally is going to be my co-pilot but she’s letting me do the planning on which ship will suit us best.

So I need to really look into cruise websites and forums and ask my friends who have taken cruises.

This is the part I excel at… the collection and analysis of data.  There will be spreadsheets and pros and cons and discussion points.

I will not blindly pick Princess Cruise Line.

I will consider Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and Carnival.

I will look into dining options and dress codes.

This is a battle and I like to go into battle armed to the teeth.

Don’t you just love vacations?



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