the fog is confusing me

September 14, 2011

I’m not sure but I think we are still supposed to be having summer weather around here.

But in the morning there is damp fog and then there is massive sunshine and later there may or may not be a cold blanket of fog rolling back in.

This may in fact be normal and I just don’t remember last year’s weather.  But it seems to me that the weather stays warm or gets warm again in October and it’s lovely and fantastic and balmy even until the week before Halloween.  So that just when you think you can wear that adorable skimpy Halloween costume, it becomes freezing with or without rain.  And you need to wear a parka.

If you need a giggle go look at all the Miss Universe Costumes at Tom and Lorenzo's website... don't forget to read the captions.

For me it boils down to shoes and sweaters.  I long for the days when I didn’t care how I presented myself.  When my uniform was flip flops, yoga pants and a v-neck lambswool sweater.  Now I wear skirts and dresses and match my shoes to my ensemble.

Note to self… tomorrow, bring a jacket.



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