They’ve been dead a long time…

September 17, 2011

Winnie and I went to Vintage Fashion Expo today.  I managed to not buy yet another coat (I have more than enough, thank you very much) but I did make a new friend and buy some jewelry.

I wandered around for a long while.  I tried on a ton of coats because that’s my thing… and I don’t know why.  But nothing really appealed.  And I began to feel like I was going to go home empty handed again when I saw a booth I had not seem before.

Erica Harris’ Unique, Antique and Vintage jewelry.  Her booth was small and full of glass cases full of lovely jewelry.  In the back were some open trays were I found the most lovely items that I just had to take home.

Ivory earrings…. I should feel bad but I’m using the same argument I use with my fur collared coats – those elephants have been dead a long time and it would be wrong to just throw away what remains of them.

They look perfect with my new short hair!

And then I found these lovely little mahjong tile bracelets.  Aren’t they amazing?  I’m so thrilled with them.

Definitely not what I was looking for but I am very happy about my new jewelry.  And I’m going to contact Erica to look out for some other pieces for me.

I’m going to wear my earrings all the time now.  And I’m betting that almost everyone just thinks they are plastic.



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