But I had three more rolls of tape… I know I did

September 19, 2011

I remember buying a bunch of little rolls of packing tape with dispensers.  I picked them up on sale and I stashed them… somewhere.

I have no clue where.  They aren’t in any of the places that make any sense to me.  Which is not to say that they are completely missing.  And there is the small possibility that I did, indeed, use all the tape.  I mean, I’m not exactly sure when I made the purchase.  It could have been a while ago.  But I don’t think so.

Today I had to get more tape.  I put the extra tape in the first place I looked for the tape I thought I had.

That’s a good idea right?

I’ll still think that was the right place to look for it when I need it again… right?

I’m so confused.



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