A piece of Cal history on cassette tape

September 26, 2011

Walter was more than a little shocked that I’ve been thinking about a question since 1993.  But then, Walter doesn’t know me very well.

It started on Friday when I was chatting with Doug.  We were discussing Tele-BEARS and between the two of us we figured out that the phone system launched had to launch around Fall of 1992.  I still remember the lady’s voice.  I always wondered who she was.

Doug said that Russell would know.  So when I saw Russell this morning I asked him… Who was the lady on the Tele-BEARS system?

Not only did he know the answer (Sylvia Moore) but he also told me fantastic trivia about the whole thing.

Like the fact that the BEARS in Tele-BEARS is an acronym for Berkeley Enrollment And Registration System.  The whole office auditioned to be the voice of Tele-BEARS, even Russell.  The recordings were done in the media rooms underneath Dwinelle.  Originally they were reel to reel but later they went directly into the system.

And somewhere in his desk, Russell had the cassette tapes.

He was tickled pink that I asked all these questions.  That I remembered the system he worked on so long ago.

Then less than half an hour later, Russell showed up at my desk with six cassette tapes… of Telebears.  He told me if I had a cassette player I could take them home and listen to them.  That I could remember a part of Cal’s history and also a part of my college history.

Both of the Patti’s that I know went to Cal and they used cards that had to be filled out and handed over either in Sproul or Pauley Ballroom.

Doug and I used Tele-BEARS on the phone.  Hanna uses Tele-BEARS on the Web.

Times change.  But sometimes you can revisit your history… even if only on a walkman.



2 Responses to “A piece of Cal history on cassette tape”

  1. bloodpfhart Says:

    can you get your friend to post these online somewhere? I miss Tele-bears…

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