80 degrees and sunny – I need a raincoat

September 27, 2011

Last night I finally bit the bullet and looked for my old raincoat… the one I haven’t seen in YEARS.  Which is interesting since it rains here a lot.  But not enough that I’m willing to put on an actual raincoat.

And yeah – it’s gone.  No more.  I probably gave it away because I really didn’t like it.

Right now we are having a bit of a heat wave / actual summer weather.  And I can’t imagine when we will have enough rain to warrant a jacket.  But I’m going to Vancouver which means I’m going to be dealing with rain for a week.  And I KNOW that I need to have a real raincoat.

So tonight after work I went to the North Face outlet and found myself a fantastic raincoat for a good price.

I do feel sorry for people who don’t have North Face outlets near them.  If you don’t, I recommend visiting my neck of the woods.



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