Is there such a thing as a wind dance?

September 28, 2011

I’m not asking for a tornado.  Or anything damaging or dangerous.

But if the wind could pick up and move the air I would be ever so grateful.

I know there are people who wait all year for our two weeks of summer but between the still sunny air outside and the fact that the steam boiler is still on in the office….  well I’m feeling decidedly ill.

When it’s warm and outside is cooler than inside, you have a problem.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and this will be something the OE commission on energy usage will address.  I love that they say that we can’t turn off the boiler in summer because we wouldn’t be able to turn it on quick enough in winter.

Seriously that is the reason why it’s over 80’s in the office… with steam heat pouring from the vents because we can’t turn them off.

You’re jealous of my work place.  I can tell.



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