Setting the bar so very, very high

September 29, 2011

I was talking to Millie this morning and I told her that she looked lovely…. then I paused and said that she always looked lovely.  Millie told me she gets that a lot and isn’t really sure it’s a compliment.

And I thought about it.  It is and it isn’t a compliment.  The thing with Millie is that she is a lovely person who also happens to be rather beautiful.  She’s nice, she’s a hard worker, she’s smart and she’s pretty.  And she dresses well.  Every single day.

So after a while you just expect it.  And there is something about a constant that creates certain expectations.

Maybe that means that the day-to-day loses impact, but there is something enduring about people like Millie.  People who showcase consistent low-key style and grace.  When you aren’t flashy and inconsistent, it can seem like a rut but how powerful is it to have that level of control over your appearance.  To be that complete and assured of who you are internally and externally that you can present yourself so well that it becomes your calling card… impeccable taste.

Some day I hope people will think that about me.

But it’s going to take more than a little work.



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