Fun and Games in Downtown Vancouver

October 8, 2011


Tonight was actually a lot of fun but first we must discuss a most ludicrous encounter in a restaurant.  Sorry but it must be done.

It was before the football game at BC Place.  Everywhere was packed so Cass said, let’s go to Moxie’s.  It’s not great but we might get in.  So we went.  And they said we have a long wait for tables but you can stand at the bar and just get your drinks.  So we went to the end of the bar and were confronted with not one, not two, but three empty tables.  Not just emptied not yet clean tables but three tables that were waiting for customers.  So I went to the hostess.  Who couldn’t remember was she said to us not two minutes ago and was told no we have a long wait for tables… really because you have a lot empty right now.  Why don’t you seat those?  Well turns out that the kitchen is backed up so they don’t want to seat the tables until they can get that taken care of and it doesn’t matter that we just want drinks we can’t jump the line.  I didn’t get this from the hostess but from the manager.  I was incredulous and vaguely pissed off but whatever.  Drinks were procured for those that wanted them and we sat on the sofa.  Only to have the manager immediately agree to seat us, not at the bar but at the restaurant proper.  And he asked if I wanted a drink and that he would buy me a drink… thanks I’ll have water.  So he brought me overpriced still water.  Nice but seriously?  Moxie’s has some training issues that should be settled before anyone goes there.  Just saying.  There are too many fabulous places to eat in this town to bother with that.

ONWARD!  So the reason we were down in that neck of the woods was because Mr Barry got us in to the game.  I was not aware that Canada invented football.  And may I just say I LIKE the bigger field.  Actually the whole game was so much fun.  I might have to start watching that stuff.

They just renovated BC Place and it looks amazing.  I don’t know what it looked like before but DAMN!

Wanna see some pictures?  Of course you do!

And the best part is that the BC Lions won with seconds to spare with a field goal.  So awesome!



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