There are still limits

October 15, 2011

It was auction day and I went in the morning to scope things out.  I found a painting that I liked enough to bid on but not enough to fight for it.  At least the man who did win it is going to hang it on his wall, instead of throwing it in a closet and waiting for it to appreciate.

That could have been it.  It should have been it but no… I found a pair of pillows that I liked and were estimated at a great price.  Unfortunately they were at the very end of the sale.  So I stuck around all day.  Chatting with people, looking at art, wondering about the appeal of china sets, the usual day at the auction stuff.

I could have wandered off and run errands but I had already done that in the morning.  I figured I’d just stick around.

And I did.  For a very long time.  Until around 5:45 pm.

Rick said that I had to get them since I had waiting around for them.  But when they came up for bid there were already a ton of absentee bids.  Enough to take it to 4 times the high estimate.

Thanks but no thanks.  I can make them myself.

And I have the self-control to not go off the deep end just because I want something and don’t want to go home empty-handed.  I’m perfectly willing to go home with nothing if the price is just too high.

No matter what the auctioneers whisper in my ear…. I have limits.

And no pillows.

Oh well… night


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