It can’t be fun to think you are the center of the universe

October 20, 2011

I went to Stone Mountain and Daughter to get all the supplies to Terry’s couture pencil skirt class.  It took me a little while to get all the materials but I pulled everything together.  I got the muslin, silk charmeuse for the lining and silk organza for the inner lining.  I even found the petersham ribbon… because Terry is specific.

So I got it all and got in line to wait.  It was a long line since it was lunch time.  But the people at Stone Mountain are always really great, both workers and customers alike.  Except today there was a really intensely, almost impressively self involved person who actually moved in front of four people in line to say… “Excuse me but do i really have to wait in line?  I’m not getting fabric.”

Ummmm yes.  Because that’s the line.  I’m sorry that no one else knows that the world revolves around you.  Perhaps you need better publicity people.  It hasn’t caught on with the populace just yet.

I turned to the guy in line behind me with a look of absolute incredulity.  We both were thinking the same thought…. did she REALLY just say that out loud?

Now I have spent more than one moment of my life completely unaware of the rest of the world.  But I got over the “Me First” phase pretty quickly because I had parents who were having none of that.

And empathy does play a part.

But all I could really focus on with this girl who thought she should be able to go first and take over everyone’s attention and time was this…  It must be very disappointing to believe that you are the center of the universe.  Every single moment of the day must be a let down.

So keep in mind that you are just one person and there are other people around you.  Be the very best person you can be and know that you are important and an individual but still… not the sun.

just saying



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