I’m not sure what that was but it was amazing!

October 21, 2011

Tonight I watched a crazy, insane, enthralling piece of performance art tonight.  It had live chamber music, 2 sopranos and John Malkovich.

John Malkovich portraying and Austrian serial killer with humor and glee and pathos and a deep reservoir of sadness.  It was amazing to watch.  Even if the sopranos stole the show constantly.  Those ladies were both scenery chewers.

I did learn something rather frightening.  I hope it’s not true.  I haven’t looked it up yet.  But according to the show, which is all about charming lies, there is a law in Austria that if you are convicted of a crime and then you die before you can appeal the conviction then you are legally considered innocent.

That’s… not exactly good in my opinion.

If you ever get a chance to see this piece in person or in any form really… take the time.  It’s well worth two hours of your life.



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