It’s too early to get a 2012 calendar

October 24, 2011

and yet…

I actually went out and looked at engagement calendars today.  In years past I used to bemoan the early appearance of calendars.  Not with quite the vehemence that I reserve for early Christmas paraphernalia but close.

And now I have become an early adopter.  I don’t know that I can wait until New Year’s day to get a calendar this year.  I need to start planning out my schedule.  Haircuts, dental appointments, etc etc etc.

Part of me is completely freaked out by this intrusion of scheduling 3 months in advance and another part of me thinks it might be normal.  But then, most of the appointment books out right now are the academic ones from July to June.  I think I really need to wait until November and then there should be a selection.

That’s a more appropriate time… I think…

It’s just going to be odd not getting a calendar on January 1st.  But then I guess those days have passed.



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