I know you love your pet but…

October 25, 2011

Do you HAVE to bring your dog with you into every single store… every day… for the rest of your life?

Please don’t get me wrong.  I love dogs and cats and snakes and ferrets etc etc etc.  I think pets make the world a better place.  That being said, I am really sick of people bringing their pets with them everywhere.  I get that they are your family and your world and the most important thing in your life but they aren’t in mine and I’m not so sure they should be running around the store mingling with my food and my fabrics and well… everything.

Some people say that their pets are like their children and that kids can come into stores.

But seriously… ?

I mean really?

And yes I understand the need for service animals but I know that a lot of people take that to the extreme.  You know what I’m not even going to go down that path because maybe I’m just being a stick in the mud but I don’t want dogs in my restaurants or my grocery stores or … well lots of places.

Yes, I’m in the minority.  Yes, I know it.  Also – yes, well aware of the ADA requirements on service animals.  Still!

I suppose I’ll get over it.




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