No I will not start your orange for you

October 28, 2011

I have a pet peeve.  And it reared it not so ugly head today.  Or maybe… more accurately, this concept reasserted itself into my world view this afternoon.

It’s a tiny thing.  This absolute revulsion I feel for people who proclaim to be strong and smart and in control but who at any given moment will go all helpless and need someone else to start their orange because there’s no way they could peel it themselves.

Image by Tracy Ducasse

Really?  Seriously?  No.  I will not start to peel the skin away from your orange and then give it back to you so you can finish and eat it.

Not if there is no reason you can’t do it yourself other than laziness and or insanity.

Do you think I’m horrid or mean for feeling that way?  I mean, really, I would help and help without complaint if I honestly believed that someone needed it.

But pathetic and whiny does not make me want to help.

If you ask me to start your orange for you… the first thing I will think is, why can’t you start it your self?

And if you don’t have a good answer to the question why?  Well then you should spend some time thinking about a good / better answer instead of trying to get me to do something for you.

Not that I’m obsessing about this or anything.

In fact, now that I’ve put it out there into the universe I feel better.




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