first time for everything

October 29, 2011

Today I cut a large winter squash in half the safe and easy way… for the first time.

Thank goodness Frank got me a Chinese cleaver for my birthday a few years ago… and I’m always looking for more uses for my mallet.

Just make sure you get purchase into the squash with the cleaver then carefully tap, tap, tap with the mallet.

It split perfectly.  And I didn’t once feel that I was in danger of loosing a finger… BONUS!

Then I peeled and diced one half and roasted the other to make puree.

Tomorrow I’m going to make squash risotto with my lovely fresh squash ingredients.  I even made my own vegetable broth in my pressure cooker.

It’s been a while since I’ve done something to stretch myself in a culinary way.  This should be good.



One Response to “first time for everything”

  1. […] I made vegetable stock in the pressure cooker and then roasted the squash and made squash puree and then made squash risotto with parmesan crisps and crispy fried pancetta […]

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