strange thing I thought about today

November 2, 2011

Okay – I realize this is a micro post but I really needed to write this down.

I was thinking today about the meat we eat…. beef, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, goat, etc.

What do all these species have in common?

They are all herbivores.

Which I guess makes sense because for purely logical, evolutionary reasons there are a whole lot more herbivores than there are carnivores but now I really want to try a few carnivores.

Only when I think about it like that I feel like if I start eating carnivores then that kind of karmatically opens me up for the zombie invasion.

And now that I’ve thought this thought… I can’t stop thinking about it.

This will not make me stop eating delicious, marvelous pork products like bacon and pancetta, and planning my thanksgiving feast.

But I do think about these things in a different way.

And bets are… now you do too.




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